Music Production Lessons 101: Mastering Your Own Tracks

Before we start we must stress that your mixdown must be as good as possibly can be before moving onto the mastering stage. Mastering is added for extra sheen and volume but cannot be used to cover up gaping issues in a bad mix. Mastering will only highlight these issues even more. We suggest going back to your mix if you are not getting the required results from your mastering endeavours.

When it comes to electronic music, every producer wants a loud and clear master, and whilst we ALWAYS recommend using a separate mastering engineer there will be some instances where you need to master your latest masterpiece yourself.

Playing a gig that night and want to test on a loud system?

Sending a demo to a label and require competitive loudness?

Two situations that will most likely require you to give your track a ‘DIY master’. But what exactly does a DIY mastering chain look like? Read on to find out...

If you would like to watch a detailed video on DIY mastering then check out Stephen Kirkwood's guide on YouTube here

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