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Artist Spotlight - ADELFI Sound

Hailing from the South East of Scotland, Georgy and Maddie aka ADELFI Sound launched as artists during the coronavirus lockdown.

Having already built up a four-figure following across their social media and recorded an impressive amount of guest mixes we caught up with the newly formed sisterly duo to find out what their plans are for the future and deliver your soundtrack to the weekend via their spotlight guest mix! Expect high energy from the off 😎


Hello and welcome ADELFI Sound! How are you today?

We are good thanks, thanks for asking us on!

1. So you are from the Scottish Borders? What's the music scene like there?

Indeed, we are! It’s a beautiful place to live however the population is mostly older so there’s not many clubs or bars for young people to hang out and listen to music.

2. What was it that shaped you into dance music lovers with you both being from a small town in the Scottish Borders with no music scene?

Maddie - As a teenager, I listened to artists like David Guetta, Avicii and Calvin Harris, and didn’t stray away from pop. That changed very quickly after attending FLY in Princes Street Gardens in 2019. From then on I started listening to a wider range of artists and fell in love with the underground scene.

Georgy - I’ve always been a fan of dance music. Festivals and raves give me a buzz. In 2017, I went to see Denis Sulta in Liquid Rooms for the first time. After seeing him live he inspired me to listen to more house and techno.

3. We are guessing the closest dance music scenes will be Edinburgh, Glasgow or Newcastle. Any clubs, in particular, you would love to play in those areas?

It’s always been a dream to play in Cab Vol in Edinburgh and Sub Club in Glasgow. We’d love to hold a residency in one of these clubs.

4. You have built up a solid following on Instagram already, tell us how you have approached your social strategy as artists with no clubs open or gigs to be had?

We started off with a solid plan for our social media but after the first few posts, we decided to go with the flow and upload what felt natural. We made sure to post regularly to keep the engagement up.

5. Tell us a bit about your mix! Any stand out tracks? Do you prefer to pre-plan a mix or go with the flow?

In this mix, we included tracks from artists from the U.K., our favourites being Meg Ward, t e s t p r e s s, and Effy. We both dig out tracks individually and then come together, combine the tracks and go with the flow.

6. It was a brave move launching as artists during a global pandemic. We salute you! What made you make the move during this time? Was it already planned? and did you ever have second thoughts about launching because of the lockdown?

We had a bit of extra time on our hands during the lockdown and the idea to launch was in our minds for a good couple of months. We decided to go for it knowing we could commit to creating mixes and posting on social media on a regular basis.

7. We have been following your progress and see you have done lots of guest mixes? Do you have any tips for DJs wanting to get more guest mixes?

Regularly post on socials, network with other people in the music industry, show interest in the brands you love and hope that the interest is returned! Be yourself and you’ll attract the right people.

8. What do your friends and family think of the music you play? Do they love it or think of it like that 'doof, doof, doof' stuff? 🤣

Our family prefer the house music that we play and then as we delve further into techno they say it’s just ‘noise’

SKapade: Why are we not surprised😂😂😂👆👆👆

9. Can you remember the first song that got you into dance music? And the first rave/event you went to?

Maddie - A track that stands out for me is Avicii ‘Levels’. I can’t stand it now, but it brings back lots of memories. The first festival I went to was Belladrum up in Inverness.

Georgy - Swedish House Mafia ‘One’. The first music event I went to was Oliver Heldens in 2016.

10. Your artist name is interesting! Where did the name ADELFI Sound come from?

ADELFI came from the Greek word meaning sister. We wanted to choose something that had meaning behind it.

SKapade: Really cool, we love that!

11. What is your plans for the future as artists when the pandemic is finally over?

Firstly, we can’t wait to have our debut. Once music is allowed in bars, we’d like to find a residency in Edinburgh. We’re just itching to get to it and properly start our DJ career.

SKapade: Thanks for joining us Adelfi, we are away to blast your mix in the office! We wish you the best of luck with your future career!


Listen to the mix 👉

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