Music Production Lessons: Making the 909 kick sample your own

Updated: Apr 27

A staple element in past and modern-day house & techno productions, the 909 kick has been the foundation of many underground dance records! With new, modern productions often being mastered to club system shattering levels, we now have the need and opportunity to beef up the old 909 kick to suit new, futuristic house & techno productions.

In our example, we are using Ableton’s stock 909 drum kit focusing specifically on the kick drum.

Listen to our before and after example here

Step 1

Load Ableton's stock 909 kit which can be found under ‘drums’ in the left-hand sidebar.

Now, working in Ableton's session view, double click in an empty clip slot in one of the midi channels (two midi and two audio channels load as default in the starting template). Make sure the piano roll is set to eighth notes ( if not, right-click anywhere in the midi clip and set to ⅛ under the fixed grid options) and use the pencil tool to draw in a note on every beat at 1, 1.2, 1.3,1.4 on the grid 🎹.