Exclusive Interview: Spektre

We interview two of the most forward thinking producers in Techno, Spektre.

in 2017, our resident and CEO Stephen Kirkwood spent some time in the studio with Richard Wakley and Paul Maddox of Spektre and was blown away by their expertise and technical ability. The guys were really welcoming and were good enough to answer a few of our questions. We’re all big fans of Spektre here at SKapade and couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to speak with two of the most well respected and influential names in techno! Check out the full interview below.

Whose music are you listening to at the moment?

RW: Personally, I’m loving the darker, more hypnotic techno just now from artists such as Ilario Alicante, Slam, Flug, 2000 and One and Dax J. All of them regularly feature in our sets.

PM: Yeah we are also really feeling Mark Reeve, Skober, Raffaelle Rizzi, Mars Bill and Weska, as well as Alan Fitzpatrick, who always delivers the goods.

Are there any artists that you feel have had a particularly significant influence on you as producers?

PM: Going back to my earlier days, BT was always the benchmark I aimed for in terms of production quality and inventiveness. I never got close, but it’s good to have goals!

RW: For me it was always a producer’s attention to detail which got me hooked. In the early days, that would have been Martin Buttrich, Trentemoller and Stephan Bodzin. More recently Kink is a huge inspiration.