Dance music production services and Scotland's underground scene

The Scottish dance music scene has always been a thriving and passionate place. As a nation, we’ve had our fair share of worldwide success and the list of Scottish artists who have established themselves amongst all-time greats continues to grow. Furthermore, while the house, techno, trance and experimental scenes have remained underground, Scottish clubbers can always be counted on to fill up these events due to their undying love for the music.

Over the last few years, dance music has experienced a commercial revival and while many prefer a dark basement venue over a big festival stage, no one can dispute that it’s amazing to see many opportunities for creativity arising as a result. In years gone past, we firmly believed it was difficult to get recognised as a DJ or a producer. A huge reason for this was through lack of understanding of mixing and production techniques, which are far more accessible now through studios like SKapade, subSine, and online sources. There is also a larger spectrum of people involved in dance music whose expertise can be called upon by the future generation.

Furthermore, costs and availability made it extremely difficult to get your hands on studio equipment, let alone learn how to use it. Colleges, studios and clubs began opening their doors to young DJs and producers as the popularity of electronic music gained more traction, instantly giving them access to the equipment they needed. This allowed them to concentrate on the most important thing… the music.

These changes coupled with the number of people investing their lives into electronic music, signified a recognition of dance music as a credible style and a shift away from the outdated mentality of ‘anyone can make music on a computer or mix two records together’.

Through sharing best practices, supporting local artists and spreading positivity within the scene, we can make learning music production and honing DJ skills accessible to all at a fair price.

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