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Our Ableton Live course will arm you with the knowledge of how to use the program to a professional standard. Starting with the basics you will learn how to write, programme and manipulate beats and loops. Take your knowledge further by programming basslines and melodies and learn how to process the sounds to make a complete track.

Here are just some of the topics covered:

- Learn EQ and Compression

- Working with Audio & Midi

- Beat programming and manipulation

- Sampling

- Basslines & Melodies

- FX & Processing


Our students say...


"Top-Notch guys! Skapade Studios will take your music productions to the next level. One of the best investments you could make for yourself!!" (Gil Zambrano, Producer)

"The skill of the SKapade engineers is without a doubt plain to hear on all of their productions but more than that it's their passion for music and warm vibes they extend. Feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. A top studio and amazing contribution to the music community!" (Louise King, vocalist) 

"Been going to the studio for over a year now and it’s top class service. From complete beginner to wanting help with that final touch on music production the guys are amazing. The membership scheme is also brilliant not forgetting the banter from big Gal! Defo recommend!" (Hannah Laing, DJ & Producer)

SKapade Ableton beginners course

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