SKapade Studios offers a selection of one-to-one DJ tuition for DJs of all ages and experience levels. We can tailor what we teach to the style you prefer, and if you have any special requirements, just let us know.


Our lessons centre around Pioneer CDJ setups, but we are also able to cater for DJs looking to explore the world of digital and vinyl DJing. If you are unsure as to what level you may fall under, here’s our general guide:




These classes cover the basics of DJing and are suited for DJs who have never touched the decks, and those who have just started and want to explore learning on a club standard setup.




This level is suited to the DJs who are comfortable with the basics of mixing techniques, and may be beginning to perform at smaller events. You will learn the techniques needed to keep a set running smoothly, and introduce more exciting mixes.




This class covers the advanced aspects of DJing, designed for more established DJs looking for that extra edge against their peers. We understand everyone will have their own styles and questions at this stage, so we take extra effort to tailor these classes to what you need.


How it works: The normal package we offer is a three-hour booking, which can be split across multiple one-hour sessions. This is our most popular package, but you can contact us to make alternative arrangements.


Below is a breakdown of what is typically covered at each level:



  • What you need to DJ

  • Equipment Overview

  • Inputs and Outputs

  • Buttons and Faders

  • Beatmatching

  • Basic Mixing

  • Basic EQing



  • Improving the mix

  • Track selection and set design

  • Mixing techniques

  • Recovering from mistakes

  • Intro to mixing in key



  • Advanced harmonic mixing

  • Advanced CDJ and Mixer techniques

  • Advanced EQ

  • Advanced FX

  • DJ industry advice


Open 9am-9pm, 7 days a week (depending on availability)

Unsure where to start?

If you are a complete novice (like we all were at the start) and just want to familiarise yourself with the layout on industry-standard equipment, why not check out SKapade boss Stephen Kirkwood reviewing the DJM 750 MKII mixer from out partner Pioneer DJ?


This overview and demo is a brilliant way to learn the overall layout of the mixer, find out what all the different buttons, knobs and faders do, as well as learning about some of the advanced features of it are.

Check out the video to familiarise yourself for free.

Ready to get started?



All of our SKapade DJ Tutors have had certified, accredited training from the industry-leading DJ brand, Pioneer DJ. You can learn with confidence that you are receiving first-class training on the latest industry-standard equipment. 


We are the only Pioneer DJ accredited DJ School in Scotland. 


MONDAY - SUNDAY 9am - 9pm

We are closed at the moment due to COVID-19 regulations


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